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Sublimation technology is at the heart of today's state-of-the-art printing technology, in a wide variety of applications and in high quality.

The cheapest solution for a smaller number of photo-quality logos. The only limit can be the chemical structure of the material used.


Szublimációs bögre


There are three pillars to the technology: special sublimation ink, special sublimation paper, and the polyester content of the surface to be printed.

The desired artwork is printed on a special paper specifically designed for this technology with a digital printer (only some printers are suitable), with the sublimation ink mentioned above. It is important to adjust the colors before printing using an appropriate color profile (ICC profile), and care should be taken to mark the reflection of the graphics. 

After that, the properly printed graphics are pressed with a heat press (the type of which is determined by the workpiece) at 210-230 C for 20-40 sec. at approx.  5-6bar. This is when the sublimation occurs: as a result of the heat, the aqueous ink on the paper begins to evaporate, with the help of pressure, the vapor can only travel in one direction and in a very concentrated way, thus obtaining a proper boundary.

The atoms in the ink and the carbon atoms in the product (or on its surface) to be labeled form an insoluble sublimation bond. The advantage of the technology is that the dye, after sublimation, is present not only on the surface but also in the pores of the material.

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