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Secabo C60IV


Secabo's CIV series vinyl cutters are a consistent further development of the popular CIII vinyl cutter series by Secabo. Thanks to the improved cutting quality, increased reliability and a higher level of accuracy, the Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter can be used in almost all professional areas of the advertising technology. A cutting width of 63cm allows the C60IV vinyl cutters to easily handle extensive orders and high volumes. The new Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter can process all common materials with a width of up to 72cm, including adhesive films, self-adhesive films, flock and flex films, stencil films, paper, cardboard, etc. The large backlit display and large buttons allow for easy operation of the Secabo C60IV vinyl cutter, while the improved LAPOS2 technology allows for precise cutting of the printed films. The C60IV vinyl cutter is comfortably controlled using the cutting software DrawCut LITE included in the delivery.

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