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Monti Antonio Mod. 97/99

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Versatility is the predominating feature that characterizes this family of machines: all versions are designed for both cut-piece and roll materials, using both paper sheets and paper rolls. Among the significant advantages offered is that of notably reduced production costs, given that even cut piece printing is made simple, effective and fast, especially using roll-fed papers such as those printed digitally by plotter, or conventionally by screenprinting and rotary processes. With a wide range of models and heated cylinder sizes on offer, these machines can be used both for limited and exclusive runs - typically as in the digital sector - as well as for large industrial volumes.

Product No. Name netto_ar brutto_ar
HMAM97 Monti Antonio Mod. 97 erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon
HMAM99 Monti Antonio Mod. 99 erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon

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erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon erdeklodjon_ugyfelszolgalatunkon + afa
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