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Our aim is to introduce and promote SUBLIMATION TECHNOLOGY in Hungary, and to make the products and tools needed for SUBLIMATION PRINTING available to domestic manufacturers at a competitive price.

As an official Hungarian reseller of Epson, Qualimage and Kiian products, we provide competitive prices not only within borders, but also internationally for customers that focus on production and do not wish to deal with international tradig transacts. It is our job to ensure the best quality at the best price

We provide all the equipments required by sublimation technology: sublimation printers, heat presses, transfer papers and sublimation inks, sublimable advertising items (sublimation mug, sublimation shirt, sublimation plate, etc.) from stock and we also deal with individual requests. Our goal is to make Hungarian sublimation printing companies more competitive internationally, providing them the latest technical achievements

On our website you will find various downloadable materials related to the printing tools and products we sell, which we hope will help you do your job.

Most of our products are immadiately available from our warehouse, the heat presses and printers - after booking an appointment - can be viewed and tested at our Budapest/Törökbálint showroom. 

The service background and spare part supply is  assured, our qualified service personnel will help you with any technical issues, also poerforms maintenance if needed. 

S.P.S Printing Solution Kft. 
Tel: 36 70 93 43 807
Tel.:  36 70 3300462
Tel.: 36 96 425 423
Fax: 36-70-90-22-975

Showroom, warehouse, stock release: Budapest XXII. ker. - Dózsa György út 105.  TT IPARI PARK (volt Mechanikai Művek gyártelep)
GPS coordinates: 47.42764 , 18.96587

Headquarters: 9028 Győr, Szent Imre út 109/B

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